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A Houston, TX Integrative Practitioner:

Nicole Fennell Chews Food Wisely Houston, TXNicole Fennell is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist as well as a Certified LEAP Nutritional Therapist offering group and individual nutrition education. She tailors nutrition counseling based on the needs of each client, sharing evidence-based guidelines and research, and providing the necessary tools for permanent lifestyle changes utilizing a “real food” philosophy. By using advanced, state-of-the-art laboratory testing, Nicole is able dive deep into your cellular nutritional status and individualizes nutritional recommendations for each patient.

Nicole has a real food approach and believes healthy eating, physical activity, and peace of mind are the keys to disease prevention and treatment. She experiments in the kitchen to make wholesome and nourishing meals from the most natural, real ingredients possible that train the taste-buds to crave healthy food. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys being active with her husband, son, and dog. She also enjoys lifting weights, practicing yoga, walking on the Buffalo Bayou, and exploring Houston’s diverse food scene

She enjoys using investigative labs and therapeutic foods with her clients to address chronic disease and improve quality of life.  She is extremely passionate about showing people how to nourish themselves and their families with recipes that make everyone feel and preform at their best! She loves to try new foods, explore new markets and visit farm to table restaurants in the Houston area in order to support local farms and businesses and learn new ways to use “food as medicine”.

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*Cost of labs vary by lab and company. An insurance “discount” is offered with some labs.


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