Are you a small practice that is wanting to grow, or relaunch in a new direction? I was a patient for a few years and built up a network of practitioners out of my personal experience. Since then I have been about to combine my work experience, my graduate work, and networking to bring ideas to small practices.

I have a BBA, MA in Public Relations/Health Communication and Health Coaching Certification.

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The Wellness Warriors are an online group of practitioners that can ask questions, refer clients and post events and seminars they are attending and/or hosting.

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  • Advertising on blogs, social media, and word of mouth!
  • Coordination of Ads in local publications and neighborhood blogs
  • Networking & Collaborating
  • Videos to gain exposure to practices and therapies
  • Contacts for: Marketing, On-Line Lead Generation, Products & Resources, Health Coaching Network, and a collaborative group of practitioners to increase the awareness of Integrative and Restorative Medicine

Overview of  Marketing Skill Set:

Understanding of Clean & Healthy Products & Resources to conduct thorough product reviews.

PR & Marketing for Health & Wellness

Social Media Marketing: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & YouTube

Management of Private Facebook Groups

Interviews with Leaders in the Health & Wellness Industry


*Media & Resource Pricing Sheet available upon request