This is A Book You Must Read!

If you or someone you know is suffering from a Chronic Condition and it is AutoImmune related- then the book….

The AutoImmune Solution by Dr. Amy Myers is an absolute MUST!

Dr. Myers has a great testimony of illness that lead to a passion of educating others on ways to heal just as she did!

She is encouraging from the start by busting 8 myths!

1- Autoimmune Diseases cannot be reversed…  That’s not true!- Dr. Amy Myers

  1. She brings real solutions that cover the full spectrum of health and healing:
  2. Importance of Gut Health
  3. Tame the Toxins (removing toxins out of home and every day products)
  4. 30 Day Protocol- Meal Plans and Recipes
  5. Success Stories

Dr. Amy Myers- The Auto Immune Solution

Kellie Cutsinger