Shop Around- What?

Yes you want to think about Shopping Around and getting outside of your zone when it comes to shopping for a variety of foods.  Organic is key and so is variety (see post title Rotate your Foods) to increase absorption and nutrients for your body.  One store may be better for finding Wild Caught Sock-Eye Salmon, another may be better for Grass-Fed New Zealand Lamb and perhaps a local Farmer’s Market on the weekend with the family.  Remember…

Feeling Better is not about Diet- it is a Lifestyle- Kellie CC

Where to go?  Where to Look?

Amazon & On-Line

On-line shopping has made some of this easier when it comes to finding even the smallest of items like REAL SALT.  By real salt I mean from the Earth that is not unnaturally packed with iodine and other stuff that shouldn’t be in there.  For those that have allergies it can be a life saving alternative when it comes to safe snacks for kids on the go.  Amazon Pantry has made this easier for pantry stable items that are needed in the kitchen or kitchen prep.

Trader Joe’s

I am a fan of Trader Joe’s .  It can be a best kept secret (except on the weekends when the line wraps around the store).  They negotiate prices in bulk and package & label a majority of their products.  Their stores typically have 4,500 products compared to 45,o00 in other stores.  This is one of the reasons that organic eating can be affordable.  You may not find all of the same items year round- but it is a good place to start for families big and small.  I am huge fan of their canned coconut because for the past few years I have ordered my canned coconut milk on line because I could not find one in store that didn’t contain the preservatives or thickening agents.  The Gums are great when you are trying to make a whip… but if you don’t need them then don’t buy them.

Whole Foods

I love Whole Foods- where were you in mainstream America in the 80s and 90s???  Although they are known for their higher prices it is still a great resource for staying on top of a healthy eating protocol.  In all my years of shopping there I have yet to meet a grumpy employee.   Every single time they are able to assist me.  There are a few items that I can only find at Whole Foods so I have my Whole Foods only list too.

Costco or other Wholesale Store

Costco- it can be one of my most dreaded errands.  It reminds me of Ikea… the possibility of it turning into a all day excursion.  I have a short list that directs me straight to the cold section.  It surprises most people that they carry a large selection of organic fresh and frozen produce and grass-fed and cold water protein.  Don’t get too attached to brands as they cycle their vendors in and out.   Heck if I was a food provider I would want to be in Costco too!

Still too Busy?

There are more and more delivery and “Apps” available that deliver your order from store to door!  That may sound lazy but NO JUDGING HERE!  It is not just for families with young children or elderly.  It is for all of us- we are all on the go and stretched beyond capacity.  Make a list of things that you can delegate even if it means asking a delivery company to shop for you.  When it rains it pours and you will meet your smiling rain boot wearing delivery person and you will want to give them a hug back.  They are now your village- the people that make it all happen.  They get it- and for the most part they love their job too and are happy you are using their services!

Key point is to shop around for the cleanest food at the most affordable price.  You will not find all of this at one store all of the time.

Feeling Better is not a diet- it is a Lifestyle- Kellie CC

It is possible I promise!!

Kellie Cutsinger