Lost?  Simply Stated, What to Eat!

Are we that complicated?  Our bodies were designed to have key nutrients, clean sourced foods and non-toxic air to breath.  It is a shift in thinking but it is possible to support your body in a toxic world.

If a person is all in- I would encourage them to only eat what they can:

Pick, Pluck, Kill, Grow or Catch

Photo Credit Emile-Victor Portenart

If a person is concerned about eating out socially and staying on track- I would encourage them to follow the 80/20 Rule.  80 Percent Clean and 20 Percent the best decision for what they are offered.

If a person is determined not to fail one more time- I would suggest to remove items one by one.

Starting with these:

  1. All beverages- Water only.
  2. Toss out boxed cereals
  3. Make homemade clean salad dressings.



Kellie Cutsinger

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Looking back to ancestral eating will encourage foods like:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Fermented Foods
  3. Bone Broth
  4. Cooked Soups and Porridges
  5. Warming Foods that are easy to digest and packed with nutrients

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Kellie Cutsinger