K.I.S.S. in the Kitchen-  Keeping Food Simple!

Are you trying to complicate your kitchen?  A long list of ingredients doesn’t always make things taste better.  You want your body to crave nourishing foods that are from good sources.   The take away of this post is to KEEP YOUR SHOPPING SIMPLE… sounded nicer than Keep it Simple Stupid.  We (me too!) tend to want to make things a challenge.  We don’t need extra challenges- we have enough coming at us all day every day.

All those extras create obstacles.

  • Hard to pinpoint which foods are triggers for inflammation
  • Create frustration when recipes have too many steps that are not needed
  • Lead you astray from your commitment to eating healthy
  • Over-complicate something that is designed to be simple
  • Create road blocks that lead to frustration
  • When shopping you want to concentrate on the outer portion of the store, then the frozen section if needed


Select those items that are Organic and in Season.  If you roots growing out of tubers and root vegetables then buy those!  Switch your thinking that a sweet potato needs to be perfectly shaped to eat.  You want an organically grown and harvested potato that is so nutrient dense it still has life to grow roots and flourish.

Produce Clleanly Consumed

Fish & Seafood

Wild Caught and Coldwater are two key things to remember.  Try to avoid seafood that are bottom feeders.  The saying “you are what you eat”  can also be thought of as “you are what they ate”.  Do you really want to eat the garbage off of the ocean floor?  This is a big area where sourcing matters.  Fish do not belong on a farm- they belong in water with their other friends in the food-chain.

Seafood Cleanly Consumed


I personally think frozen is great as long as it is from a good & clean source.  Some are harvested and frozen right there in the same facility.  This is great to keep in mind for those out of season items or if a store is out of something your body is needing.

Frozen Berries Cleanly Consumed

Kellie Cutsinger