Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun

Forever and Always… we never should grow out of our desire to have fun.  There is usually a way- even if it takes a spoon full of sugar or inviting friends over to make a blah day just more F-U-N!

It is so easy to get stuck in a routine that cycles us in our days just being days.  They are meant to be memories… good or bad they are memories.  You need to balance those challenging ones with planned- YES- planned fun!  Not guilt fun or okay fun but FUN!

Here are some tips to gather some ideas:

  1. Make a Bucket list- a real one that is long.  Include the things you enjoy and really want to do!
  2. It is never too late….”I’ve always wanted to….”
  3. Kids like when Mom has fun- they notice!  Don’t feel guilty- surprisingly they will ask you the  next day how much fun you had!
  4. Visit Groupon for some ideas in your area and grab some friends!
  5. Get out your bike and knock out two things at once.  We are almost all Vitamin D deficient anyway.
  6. Make cupcakes- for some reason they always bring a smile.  You can make a cleaned up version (Click Here)!!

Look for more posts about ideas…

Kellie Cutsinger