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What Others are Saying….

“Kellie has helped me develop the tools I need to make healthier and simpler food choices. Through her knowledge, responsiveness, and dependability, she has helped my family to remain equipped and accountable for our well-being.”


This quote never gets old!  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” – Hippocrates

“Kellie has been a huge help to my family.  Being a mom, it is so important to care for our bodies so we can care for everyone else around us.  She has been an inspiration for this platform and believes in helping each person to be their healthiest.  She has taken me grocery shopping to pick out healthy foods, taught me how to read labels, and even showed me how to cook some delicious meals with what we bought.  I’ve watched her present information to others in person and on social media.  She is a positive, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable individual.   She is a great resource to refer to a specialist.”


You are what you eat???  What “they” ate impacts how you feel.

“Kellie has been a great resource.  As I heal from a chronic illness, she has encouraged me to follow my physicians’ protocol and given me lots of food tips.  She explained how processed foods can increase inflammation… so now I am more aware to notice which foods trigger inflammation.  I love going to the Cleanly Consumed site because she has wonderful information and resources.”


If you feel like you will fail- you probably will.  If you are encouraged and have support you will succeed.

“Kellie is an incredible resource.  She helped me go over my current wellness plan and broke it down to be doable in an encouraging way.  She has a great listening ear and a personal list of resources.  She coached me to become my own health advocate, speak up when something is just not right and to better communicate with my doctors.  I was able to approach my doctors with some nontraditional labs to consider that ended up being very beneficial.

Kellie also went over the foods I like and explained the nutrient potential they have.  I am now able to listen to my body and avoid inflammatory foods.”


The gut & brain connection is a key piece to well-being.

“I consider Kellie a trusted source, someone I can ask what is the best brand of X to buy and she knows!  She knows where is the best place to go buy food, where its worth to spend the extra dollar and where it’s okay to pay less. She has a great list of referrals.  I feel this has taken a lot of the work out of this for me and everyone she has helped.

And most of all, she doesn’t make me feel bad if I am not on track with my diets.  I never feel judged by her, which some super healthy people sometimes make you feel”.

– MO

Myth DEBUNKED:  “It is more expensive to eat healthily.”  It is a lifestyle not a diet and it can be less expensive and you feel better.

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