The Balanced Life

Ever wonder why some seem to be able to juggle everything?  Let’s just say I am not one of those people.  I do not have a perfect answer for this BUT I do have some great tips that HELP.

A while back I wrote a fairly short eBook and posted on Cleanly Consumed (Click Here).  In that book I wrote about the 5 areas of my life that I focus on… those are the balls that I juggle.  If you are neglecting one then that is where you shift your focus.  This is what I mean by balance- it is a healthy balance tailored just for you.  There is no one size fits all.  I wish there was but it is also… ever changing.

A great book that read after that was by the Oola Guys… if you have not heard of them then you are in for a treat!  They have an amazing book- Oola for Women: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World.  You can find it on Amazon in Paperbook/Kindle/Audio Formats.  It is a great collection of short stories of real people that grew out of challenging times.

You man not enjoy each of the areas that need attention- they will remain their STUCK until you attend to it.

The 5 F’s of a Balanced Life- CC: Fitness, ,Faith, Fun, Family & Friends & Finances

I will posting more about each area and some tips on how to give those areas attention.   This can get you started:


  1. Find one food you don’t care for that is rich in nutrients (Cabbage is a good one!) and find a way you do like it!



  1. It is packed with nutrients
  2. It is versatile- Sauerkraut, Shaved in a salad, Boiled in a Soup, Sautéed in a Skillet, wrapped, stuffed & rolled.
  3. It is inexpensive
  4. It last a long time if stored the right way

Kellie Cutsinger